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20 Feb

Galatians 5:5

" For through the Spirit we eagerly await by faith the righteousness for which we hope." 

The definition of waiting powerfully is to actively press into the power, purpose and plans of God. Sometimes waiting on God's timing is the hardest part of being a Christian. It may seem as you are void of answers, but the truth is that you are full of Him. 

Here's how to wait powerfully: 

1.  Wait prayerfully. They who he asks God get answers.

2. Wait pressing into God's teaching. They who he doesn't know learns that God does.

3. Wait in the presence of God. They who stays with God remembers He is with them. 

4. Wait on His grand purpose. They who believes God is up to something good finds out He is. 

5.  Wait pondering His faithfulness. They who remembers God's faithfulness is encouraged in it.

Therefore, choose now to trust God and wait on is perfect plan for your life. He is with you and if we will not become weary in waiting, for at the proper time we God will deliver the most excellent answer to our hearts desire if we do not give up.

By: Kathrina Lopeace

Glory to God alone. 

God bless you beyond measure. 

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