What to do with your child who often changing clothes?

1 min read
30 May

Our 4 year-old daughter, after every two three hours she keeps taking clothes and changing by herself.

She only wears the dress clothes which she likes, and doesn't listen if we tell her to wear a different dress.

At their age they like to wear different clothes - my daughter comes out from the room in something entirely different.

When I asked my daughter why she want to keep changing? Because I want to become sexy in my damit! (watch video) Although others have their own reasons.

She meant for damit - her dress.

What to do?

For me leave them, let them play for fun. I believe children at their age they're finding something more exciting for them.

At the end of the day, it isn't a problem, and my kid grew out of it after a while.

Let him play - it's fun now but sooner or later they will be bored of it and you will miss that moments they are sharing at this stage.

Don't miss it.


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